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Who are we:

Prospect is a San Francisco Bay Area company devoted to intelligently linking various enterprise departments through its intuitive software packages. As such, Prospect's software saves its clients millions of dollars each year in headcount and timeline efficiencies. With Prospect's products, customers enjoy solutions that stand alone or intermingle with existing systems to seamlessly bring knowledge and specifications to users' fingertips when they need it. The company maintains a high degree of personalization and agility for their clients.

What is Prospectware:

Prospect stemmed from a serendipitous partnership between biotechnology and software professionals, passionate about providing flexible, intuitive software to their clients. Prospect’s core product derives from the experiences of a biotechnology engineer, who sought to drive every discoverable inefficiency out of clinical product data management, paired with the software engineering expertise of a Silicon Valley veteran. The name “Prospect” is an amalgamation of “Process” and “Specification,” which lie at the center of their product, while casting a vision for the industry and the positioning of software in a regulated field.

Our Team:

Benjamin Drucker

Benjamin Drucker spent nearly a decade in biotechnology and engineering management, pioneering a custom process data management (PDM) solution that conferred groundbreaking speed and agility for his company. He presented his system design expertise to the BioProcess International community, laying out the fundamental concepts to implement PDM for biotechnology companies. He is an expert in clinical process data and technology transfer, cGMP, validation, and protein purification.

Sandeep Chauhan

Sandeep Chauhan spent 10+ years in designing Technology Solutions for startups as well as for fortune 500 companies. Before joining Prospect, he worked in multiple Engineering and Product Management positions at Intel, CenturyLink, and Adchemy. At Epicentric (now OpenText), he successfully developed a new category of Enterprise software that fosters collaboration and increases efficiency in Organizations. In his free time, he likes to play with his dog and play chess.

Process Data Management

Process Data Management (PDM) is the strategy of collecting, collating, and collaborating on specifications for a given product.

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