Clinical Drug Manufacturing:

Prospect serves clients that manufacture clinical drugs, whether as part of a corporate network or as a contract facility.


Clinical processes evolve by nature, and manufacturers need the capability to update their manufacturing systems and records. Within a given manufacturing facility, there can exist a collection of paper and electronic systems, all of which must be configured for each individual product to reliably produce clinical material. With the increase in clinical programs, manufacturers require streamlined data collection and dissemination to keep lead times in check


Prospect offers a product data management system that integrates with manufacturing systems to keep records and specifications aligned. With easy data portability, Prospect streamlines the manufacturing readiness process, allowing the production of clinical trial material to remain off the critical path.

Process R & D:

Prospect provides R&D organizations with the power to leverage their budget more efficiently.


Limited R&D budgets must be spent on higher-probability molecules, forcing many companies to stall promising projects because capacity or headcount costs are too high to accommodate more new product introductions (NPIs). Companies that have fewer therapies rely on speed to market, and cannot afford to waste development resources transferring a process to manufacturing haphazardly.


Prospect allows companies with bursting pipelines to squeeze that extra shot on goal into their annual budget. Similarly, by streamlining resource requirements, other clinical programs achieve higher throughput without increasing headcount, or simply reduce their critical path timeline.s

Process Data Management

Process Data Management (PDM) is the strategy of collecting, collating, and collaborating on specifications for a given product.

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